Authors Contribution for Book (Hard Bound Book) Publishing from Nominated manuscripts


Hard Bound Book – Pandulipi Publishing offers good manuscripts from able Authors to be published as a book, eBook & Kindle eBook (English only) at effectively free of cost. For selected manuscripts Pandulipi Publishing bears the majority cost of production, be it printing, online listing or selling. Authors only bear the cost of Branding, promotion, marketing etc., which in turn elevates the value of the Author and projects him/her as an established writer in a pocket friendly manner. Thereby, this initiative makes it possible book publishing almost for free. Royalty from book sale proceeds is timely credited in the authors account as per schedule & rate according to agreement. Pandulipi Publishing ensures most reliable, effective, tech savvy & transparent mode of book publishing.

This product includes the following:

  • Proof reading
  • Mentoring / suggestions from the Editor
  • Layout creation
  • Cover Design
  • Draft approval
  • ISBN number
  • Printing
  • Listing on online Channels like Amazon,
  • Listing of eBook (PDF) on
  • Listing on Amazon Kindle (English Books only)
  • Inventory Management & Selling
  • Royalty Distribution
  • Promotion of Book
  • Branding & Marketing of Author & Books via various online channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google etc.
  • Regular & relevant updates
  • Authors Copy (5 nos including Shipping Charge if any. If the author needs more book, request for the same can be placed before printing. Books will be sent at bare minimum  cost i.e.  @  production cost  )
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