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No huge investment on printing bulk paperbacks. You can go for as much as you want.

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We use premium quality printing materials. Pricings yet at an affordable point.

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Our online sales strategy makes your book reach readers globally.

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Along with light on your budget while publishing, we offer maximum royalty scheme for the authors.

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We provide full sales report to the author along with royalty payment.

What our authors & clients has to say

  • It has been really a great experience working with the pandulipi team. The swiftness of the work is appreciable. As this book was a gift for my mother on her birthday, I neevded the book within the required time , and I am glad to say that the whole pandulipi team took great care of this fact. Whenever I speak about the quality of the book there is only one word that comes out of mouth: ' FLAWLESS!'. The paper quality is awesome, the paper binding is really strong , and the finishing touch is really impressive. I must say that the cost of publishing this book is affordable . I really appreciate the way how I could communicate with the team about the book anytime I wanted and there would be a faster reply. The editing team experience was amazing. My overall experience with pandulipi has been an unforgettable endeavor. I would always refer other such authors to work with you guys .

    Rajrupa Mukherjee Avatar Rajrupa Mukherjee
    July 17, 2022

    Good experience. Good books. Very professional.

    Anish Avatar Anish
    May 20, 2022

    ভালো পাবলিশার অনেক আছে। এরাও তাদের মধ্যে একটি। দারুন পরিষেবা ও দারুন ব্যবহার প্রথমেই নজর কাড়ে। বই প্রকাশনী এর ক্ষেত্রে সময় কম লাগে। কোয়ালিটি অফ ওয়ার্ক অসাধারণ। নিশ্চই রেকমেন্ড করবো।

    Atasi Das Mistry Avatar Atasi Das Mistry
    May 20, 2022
  • One of the best service. Good service. Good quality of published books.

    Aninda Das Avatar Aninda Das
    May 20, 2022

    পান্ডুলিপি পাবলিশিং ভালো কাজ করে চলেছে। ভিন্নধর্মী বিষয়ের ওপর বইগুলির প্রোডাকশন কোয়ালিটি, প্রুফ রিডিং, এডিটিং, প্রচ্ছদ সবমিলিয়ে নজর কাড়ে। অভিনন্দন এবং শুভকামনা টিম পান্ডুলিপির সব সদস্যদের।

    Indira Mukhopadhyay Avatar Indira Mukhopadhyay
    May 20, 2022

    Best Book publishing house. Very supportive. Good people. Very affordable plans.

    March 20, 2022
  • Very good. Helpful and supportive publisher. Very cost effective. Good author royalty system. Highly recommend.

    Bramha Nanda Chakraborty Avatar Bramha Nanda Chakraborty
    March 20, 2022

    অনুরণন হাতে পেলাম অনলাইনের মাধ্যমে ওর্ডার দিয়ে ,cover page দেখেই মন আনন্দিত হলো, পড়ে নিশ্চয়ই ভাল অনুভূতি হবে।

    March 20, 2022

    Few days back I bought ""ramyarupeno samsthita"" by eminent writer Indira Mukhopadhyay . It has been written in a very jovial manner with subtle touch of emotions which is entertaining at the same time teaches ethical values. The quality of the pages of the book is excellent n has premium quality printing . The cover is also very eye catching . Another important thing is that it was delivered on time n the packing was too good. Keep up the good work n wish you a great success

    Basabi Pinki Avatar Basabi Pinki
    February 21, 2022

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Print on demand is in rise. There have been radical shifts in the way books are sold. Online sales now contribute to 50 per cent of book sales. The flip side has been the fall of book stores against Print on demand online services. While bestsellers continue to do well, shelf-space continues to be a challenge. That's where we come into the picturesque. Our unique model of business is loved by our authors. Join the league.

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We bring industry leading technologies so that you are never out of pace. Low Cost & High Quality Print on Demand service and eBook Publishing is our field of specialization.

With Pandulipi Publishing, you have no obligation to invest huge amount of money to get your book published. Our unique Low volume Print on Demand plans are curated to give you maximum relaxation on your financial side. With a minimum upfront fee, get your book published. Paperbacks are just a butterfly on rose.

The dream to be an author is hurdled by a huge upfront cost of paperback book publishing in the traditional publishing model. We are the rogue to this ever going model. We have outbroke the barrier and started a unique model of book publishing where author is not required to invest any humongous bulk capital.  

Our unique book publishing plans are curated to give your book the international identity that it deserves. As you book reach the globe, so do you.

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What our clients have to say

I am very thankful to Pandulipi Publishing to put their continuous labor & tireless efforts on publishing my books. Paper backs under Print on Demand service was very affordable. It was my pleasure to work with this production house. With best wishes...
Sipra Majumdar Tarafdar
Tearcher, Author of Komol Sporsho, Basundhorar Nabojagoron etc.
Getting my hands on printed edition of Roudrarenu, authored by me, is indeed a worthwhile waiting which packs itself with quality printing, prominance in letter bonding keeping all the essential aspects of a noteworthy printable edition. Thanks to Pandulipi Publishing House.
Subhra Chatterjee
Teacher. Author of Roudrarenu.
I feel extremely happy to be associated with the Pandulipi Publishing.It gave me an immense joy and pride when my first e book,  of collection of poems " Sob Galpo Meyeder " was published by them. Despite of being new in the field of publishing , the work done by the Pandulipi team is really praiseworthy. I gotmy paperback printed under Print on Demand at an affordable price. I hope that Pandulipi will grow up to be a big professional publishing house in the coming days and thus many emerging writers and poets will successfully navigate under the flagship of Pandulipi Publishing.
Author: Mukta Narjinary
Mukta Narjinary
Dep. Secretary, WBCHSE, Kolkata
I get my Research Papers printed from Pandulipi Publishing Print On demand Service. Hassle Free and on time Quality Job every time. Very affordable pricing with various plans. All my major printing needs are sent to them and they deliver awsome quality printing every time. Choice of paper, and perfect binding is an aded advantage. If you need printed job in binded format, go no where other than Pandulipi Publishing. Few people know about this service yet. I recomend their service.
R. K. Das
Research Scholar and Mentor
All my company Art-works and Design-works are served by Pandulipi Publishing. They offer awsome designing work at an affordable pricing. We have used their Print on Demand service and sent many high volume printed document to our clients directly from their press to the client without even importing back to our office. They shipped the printed documents directly to the client. We received very positive feedback from clients. Every time very professional work delivered without having to take any headache of the process.
Tapan Chakrabarty
One of the best publishing house I ever worked with. Very Professional approach. Affordable pricing and Good service is their strength. Highly recomended for authors. I found their Paperback Books cheapest after some research. So decided to go with them. I am happy with my decision.
Anindita Dutta Roy
Housewife, Kolkata