Our Publishing Model – 4 Reason why you should go with Low Volume Publishing – the small batch books model

We work on LOW VOLUME PUBLISHING Model. The benefit of our model is author doesn’t require to invest a huge money in his book publishing project. Author has his liberty of not taking burden of any fixed number of books as compared to traditional model, where author is bound to take a bulk number of published books for his own. While taking advantage of the benefits a print-on-demand model, LOW VOLUME PUBLISHING MODEL Publish books as per market requirement starting with a initial very low volume prints. This reduces any burden on both publisher and author making it a win-win situation. As the stocks tend to run low another small volume is printed. Thus stocks never runs low.

Print-on-demand publishing offer an easier way to bypass the investment, and risk associated with managing inventory, letting you go from creating to selling books at a fraction of the cost than manufacturing them on bulk and taking the pressure of sales on your own.

Breaking the TABOO

 “If you have to pay someone to print your book, it probably isn’t as good as one that’s made it through the entire application and approval process. Stick with traditional publishers to guarantee higher-quality books.”

No, not convinced! Even a LOW VOLUME PUBLISHING house like us undergo all the steps that a traditional publisher follow. With due respect to all, we are just same publishing house like the traditional one, just with a sniffing nose on spending huge budget to spend on bulk book printing/publishing upfront. As the saying goes, “One size does not fit all”, LOW VOLUME PUBLISHING is for those authors ho really don’t want to invest a huge amount at once to get his book published. One of the drawback here is the production cost is a bit higher than the traditional high volume publishing.

4 Reasons Why you should choose Low Volume Publishing

  1. It’s Faster As you are not investing your time and money on high volume printing, as a publisher we can dare to work faster. Get your book published as fast a in One Month
  2. Author-first! Low Investment on authors part Author is not burdened with a huge upfront cost. Author invests a bare minimum upfront cost and rest is taken care by our team. On successful publishing, author gets 5 complementary copies of the book. If author wishes to get more copies, he can get it at a special discounted price which is almost at production cost plus a few bucks on handling, packaging and shipping charges. That’s our operational beauty.
  3. No warehousing or stocking required You are not required to take a single copy from us if you don’t wish! We never force you. We print your book at a small chunk – Distribute/Sale both Online/Offline – Re-estimate demand and Reprint. Nothing bared by author on reprinting. Isn’t is Amazing?
  4. Peace of mind As you are not stocking (if not willing to) any book, Once you pay the nominal upfront onetime payment during the Agreement approval, you are free of any further hidden or recurring payment. Just sit and experience your sale going high and track your royalty. Complete Peace of mind! we call it.
Book Publishing Lifecycle at Pandulipi Publishing