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Premer Anunad – Pritir Galpoguchcho Dr. Chiranjib Kumar Choudhary- Paperback


Premer Anunad – Pritir Galpo Gucho” is a heartfelt journey through the labyrinth of love, where emotions bloom like delicate petals in the garden of the soul. Within these pages, love dances in myriad forms—a whispered promisea stolen glancea tear-soaked memory, and a thousand sunsets shared. Each poem is a brushstroke on the canvas of the heart, capturing the essence of longing, passion, and vulnerability. As you turn the pages, let your heart unfurl, for here lies a tapestry woven with threads of love’s sweet ache and its eternal yearning🌟

📚 **”Premer Anunad – Pritir Galpoguchcho Dr. Chiranjib Kumar Choudhary”** 📚

The inspiration behind “Premer Anunad – Pritir Galpo Gucho” flows like a river, winding through the valleys of memory and desire. It was the echo of whispered secrets, the tenderness of dew-kissed petals, and the ache of unspoken longing that stirred my soul.  Dr. Chowdhary, the eminent author of this marvelous love soaked piece watched love unfurl its wings in the quiet moments—the stolen glances across loneliness in crowded rooms, the shared laughter under moonlit skies, and the silent promises etched into trembling hands. Each poem became a vessel, carrying fragments of my heart’s yearning, weaving them into verses that danced between joy and sorrow. Love, in all its forms, became my muse—the scent of jasmine at dawn, the crimson blush of a first kiss, and the bittersweet farewell of parting souls. And so, he penned these words, hoping they would find their way to hearts that ache, souls that seek solace, and lovers who dare to dream amidst the constellations.


Book Title : Premer Anunad – Pritir Galpoguchcho
ISBN Number : 978-81-964250-3-6

Author: Dr. Chiranjib Kumar Choudhary



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Poem / Emotional / Love