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Roudro Renu – #1 best selling title in Poem by Subhra Chatterjee Ebook


Subhra Chatterjee

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Roudro Renu

Author: Subhra Chatterjee

ISBN: 978-81-946781-5-1

Language: Bengali

About the book:

‘Roudro Renu’ is a collection of poem by Smt. Subhra Chatterjee. Word is a power in itself. The book is about human mankind and its various aspects as the author sees them. Its about the experience of life, tunes and notes of life and the players of the life called human being. Sometimes its poem about femininity. Each and every piece in the book serves and caters a different purpose and layers of emotions and affection of life. ‘Roudro Renu’ is such poetry book that take readers through a journey of the happiest to most bitter moments in their life as a human. Every reader will find similarity with the thoughts in the book as they faced and their voyage through the storm and find purpose in life.
This book pays homage to all the human moods that have a significantly large picturesque in the wall of time. It relates the present society and its notches and hinges. May this book be an inspiration to all poetry readers of the next generations to come. If by reading this book, somebody find the stories encouraging, the author finds her purpose in it.




Suvra Chatterjee



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